Continue your itinerary with a trip to Cours Mont-Royal to redefine your idea of ​​shopping. As you enter this prestigious site, you will be surrounded by amazing architectural details. With its wide variety of boutiques, the Cours Mont Royal are both a fabulous trip and an elegant destination. Whether you explore the whole place or only your favorite spots, you will enjoy a unique experience

The actual building was built in 1922 to house the Mont-Royal Hotel, which was a true palace during the roaring years (the 1920’s). With its 1,100 bedrooms, it was the largest hotel of the entire British Empire at the time. Today, a portion of the hall ceiling still remains from this time, from which is suspended a chandelier from the Casino of Monte-Carlo. Do not forget to have a look at the lower floor where the largest Barbie dolls exhibition in the world is hosted and free of charge!

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