Continue your route walking through the promenade Fleuve Montagne via McTavish street. Going up towards Mount-Royal, you’ll pass by the impressive McTavish reservoir as well as historical houses including the house of Lady Meredith.

Fleuve Montagne

The promenade Fleuve-Montagne is a 3,8km pedestrian walkway that gives it visitors the chance to discover Montreal’s emblematic sites. It traces the pedestrian link with the two natural icons of the city, being the Saint Lawrence River to the south and the Mount-Royal to the North.

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For an optimal outdoor experience, you can also go to the Kondiaronk lookout from Peel Street. You will begin by taking a serpentine path, you will then follow the Olmsted Path for a few meters up to the escarpment stairs. You will access the Kondiaronk lookout where you will encounter the most beautiful view of downtown Montreal. While up there, take the time to locate and admire the Golden Square Mile perimeter but mostly the murale in tribute to Leonard Cohen which you can clearly see from the lookout.

Mount Royal Park

The Mont-Royal Park is one of the most important green spaces of Montreal. It protects the so-called mountain from larger urban developments. The park, created in 1876, is considered to be the oldest protected area of Québec. The park is mostly wooded and was developed by Frederick Law Olmsted, also known for landscaping Central Park in New York.

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