Continue your route walking through the promenade Fleuve Montagne via the McTavish street. Going up towards Mount Royal, you’ll pass by the impressive McTavish reservoir as well as historical houses including the house of Lady Meredith.

Fleuve Montagne

The promenade Fleuve-Montagne is a 3,8km pedestrian walkway that gives it visitors the chance to discover Montreal’s emblematic sites. It traces the pedestrian link with the two natural icons of the city, being the Saint Lawrence River to the south and the Mount-Royal to the North.

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McTavish Reservoir

Built in 1856, it was first an open basin with a capacity of 13.5 million gallons. Over the years it has been enlarged and rebuilt several times. This building which blends perfectly with the oldest neighboring elements of McGill University campus and Royal Victoria Hospital was erected in 1932. We can admire an impressive masonry, the stairs, the porches, the doors, the windows, the slate roofs and the copper flashings. The elegant pumping station is reminiscent of a medieval castle.

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Lady Meredith House

1110 des Pins Avenue West

Built in 1894, this residence was conceived and realised by the architects Edward and William Sutherland Maxwell in the Queen Anne style, following the principles of Victorian architecture. The house is part of the Ardvarna domain which also includes the servants’ quarters, the stable and the garden. From 1942 to 1975, the building was under the property of the Royal Victoria Hospital which used it as a nurses’ residence. Since 1975, this bourgeois house has been the property of the Royal Institution for the Advancement of Science of McGill University.

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